Surface Hub 2S

GEEX – Surface Hub 2S Leasing

Do you need an interactive whiteboard that can boost remote work and collaboration? Do you want a large and responsive touchscreen display that supports Microsoft Teams and other apps? If so, you need the Surface Hub 2S from Microsoft.

Why Choose the Surface Hub 2S?

The Surface Hub 2S is the ultimate device for hybrid teams who need to meet and co-create. It has a PixelSense display that supports touch, pen and keyboard input. You can use it as a monitor, or tilt it down to use it as a drafting table. You can also move it easily on smooth-rolling casters with the optional mobile stand.

The Surface Hub 2S runs on an Intel Core processor, up to RAM and up to SSD storage. It also has a removable compute cartridge that lets you upgrade the hardware in the future. You can run Microsoft Teams and other Windows apps on this device, thanks to Windows 10 Team Edition.

The Surface Hub 2S also comes with a Surface Hub 2 Camera and a Surface Hub 2 Pen. The camera delivers a full field of view that captures the room and remote participants in lifelike detail. The pen delivers precision inking that feels like ink is flowing from the tip. You can also use the optional Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera, which has AI features like eye tracking, gaze correction and noise suppression.

How Can GEEX Help You?

You don’t have to buy this device outright. You can save money, avoid obsolescence and enjoy tax efficiency. How? With GEEX.

GEEX is a computer and laptop leasing and support specialist. They offer flexible and affordable leasing plans for businesses. You can lease this device with GEEX for as low as per week over months. Moreover, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Next day delivery
  • year warranty and support
  • Option to own or return the equipment
  • Fixed monthly repayments
  • % tax efficiency
  • Latest technology
  • Experienced support team

How to Get Started?

GEEX is trusted by over clients since . They have many equipment to choose from. For example, they have Apple equipment, laptops, desktops, Microsoft Surface family and more.

Do you want to lease this device with GEEX? You can apply online or via phone. You will get a response within working day. Alternatively, you can visit their website for more information and other products.

Don’t miss this chance to get the best device for your business with GEEX. Lease the Surface Hub 2S today and boost your collaboration.

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