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How Printer Rental from GEEX Can Save You Money and Hassle

Did you know that printer rental can save you up to 40% on your printing costs? If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and flexible way to get a printer for your business, then you should consider printer rental from GEEX. GEEX is a leading IT equipment leasing and financing provider in the UK, with over 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients. GEEX offers a wide range of printer options, including network, large format, multifunction, and scanners. Whether you need a printer for printing documents, photos, posters, banners or labels, GEEX has the right solution for you.

Benefits of Printer Leasing and Rental from GEEX

Printer leasing and rental from GEEX has many advantages over buying one outright. Here are some of them:

  • Save money: Printer leasing and rental from GEEX means you don’t have to pay a large upfront cost or worry about depreciation. You can spread the cost over monthly or quarterly payments that suit your budget and cash flow. You can also save on maintenance and repair costs, as GEEX provides 3 years of warranty and support for all leased equipment.
  • Stay up to date: Printer leasing and rental from GEEX allows you to keep up with the latest technology and features. You can upgrade your printer at any time during the lease period, or choose a new one at the end of the term. You can also add or remove printers as your business needs change, without being stuck with obsolete or surplus equipment.
  • Enjoy convenience: Printer leasing and rental from GEEX means you don’t have to worry about installation, setup, configuration or troubleshooting. GEEX will deliver your printer to your premises and set it up for you. They will also provide fast and friendly customer service and technical support whenever you need it.
  • Reduce environmental impact: Printer leasing and rental from GEEX helps you reduce your carbon footprint and waste. GEEX uses energy-efficient and eco-friendly printers that consume less power and ink. They also recycle or refurbish old printers and dispose of them responsibly.

How to Lease a Printer from GEEX

Leasing a printer from GEEX is easy and hassle-free. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Choose your printer: Browse through our selection of printers and find the one that meets your requirements and preferences. You can compare different models, features and prices online or contact us for advice.
  • Apply for leasing: Fill out our online application form or call us on 0121 285 0098 to apply for leasing. We will review your application and give you a credit decision within 24 hours. We accept applications from all types of businesses, regardless of size, industry or credit history.
  • Receive your printer: Once your application is approved, we will arrange the delivery of your printer to your location. We offer fast delivery options so you can get your printer within 24 hours if needed. We will also install and configure your printer for you and show you how to use it.

Lease a Printer from GEEX Today

If you are looking for a high-quality, reliable, and affordable printer for your business or personal use, look no further than GEEX. We have the best printers that you can lease at competitive prices. You can enjoy the benefits of printer leasing and rental, such as tax efficiency, warranty and support, and option to own. You can also get the latest technology to hand without paying a large upfront cost.

Leasing a printer from GEEX is easy and convenient. You can apply online , get approved quickly, and receive your printer in no time. You can also get next day delivery, loan equipment, and experienced support team to help you with any issues or queries.

Don’t miss this opportunity to lease a printer from GEEX. Visit our website and browse our selection of printers today. You can also call us on 0121 285 0098 or email us at if you have any questions or need any assistance. We are always happy to help you find the best printer for your needs.

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